Friday, May 6, 2011


Luciano Pavarotti    Thankfully, growing up, I was introduced to something extraordinary. Opera. I can’t remember any of my other friends my age growing up that were introduced to opera, but I can remember distinctly certain car rides with my grandma where she would have me sing like I was an opera star. I remember feeling so perfect and special and talented. I loved trying to mock-sing just how Luciano Pavarotti and Andrea Bochellli did. How they could sway his glorious notes along with the melody of the symphony. Whenever I want to cut my stress, or just remember the times when nothing was going on except a car ride with grandma and I, maybe to MOSI, maybe to McDonald’s, to wherever. I have always paired a sense of calmness and solstice with classical music and opera. Just the most magnificent and gifted individual’s vocal chords and ranges and how unmatched the orchestra sounds in each and every song. How the moods from each song differ from distress to bliss, and how each song tells a separate story. Whenever I listen to opera, especially, my emotions run rampant. Sometimes I am overwhelmed with happiness, or sometimes I burst into tears, but regardless of how I seem to react, I always feel better and relieved after I have had my opera fix. The only person I’ve ever listened to opera with has been my grandma, and I will keep it that way until someone worthy comes along that shares the same passion with opera and classical music as I do, because honestly, the only time I ever let my guard down and just deal with my emotions is when I am listening to opera. I am not aware of my flaws or inhibitions, I just let all my walls down and feel free and like I can accomplish anything I wish. Like I am five again, and singing in the Oldsmobile with grandma, naming the songs and performers, feeling like nothing in the world matters except this song and this moment. This feeling of ecstasy runs through my veins and engulfs my senses and body, and this is how I want to feel when I truly fall in love, when I walk down the aisle with my fiancé’, when things get bad but I am determined to make things get better. I want to feel like this all the time, but it would make this feeling less special. Most important of all, I know that when I feel this way, things are the way they should be.

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