Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dear Selmon "Expressway"

Dear mindless idiots who only desire to rob me of my money and deconstruct and reconstruct the same roads over and over again, causing myself, and other Tampa Bayians overwhelming anguish,

I am at a loss for words. I am confused, Selmon. The Expressway should stand for a means of transportation road that gets you to a destination faster, correct? Why does it take longer for me to get to my destination when I take the Expressway, than it does when I take SR 60, or the back roads? Why did you have to change the toll from $0.75 to $1.75? Just, why? Why must you make me more miserable than I already am? I am already on the way to school to be miserable in class, and then you come in and rape me for my money, and my time. I sit in traffic on the Expressway because Florida drivers don't know how to drive; they don't know how to merge, they don't know how to drive in the rain, they don't know how to drive in construction zones, they just don't know how to drive, PERIOD. It is going to be okay, I promise. You can stop fingering your Hazard lights, and your wipers by placing them on the highest speed in a drizzling rain. Maybe people just get overwhelmed with all the flashing orange orbs on top of the traffic barrels. I promise, it's not witchcraft. Maybe people have a problem with the colors orange and red, like the construction zone colors, or brake lights. Maybe we should all just become color-blind, it would make things a whole hell-of-a-lot easier. Why can't people just drive and calm down about traffic conditions? I understand traffic, but I don't understand constant work on an "Expressway" since I have been coming back and forth from Clearwater to Brandon, or Brandon to Tampa, since I was born. Why is there still work? When will you actually become an "Expressway"? When will I be able to travel the Speed Limit along the entire "EXPRESSWAY", WITHOUT COMING TO A COMPLETE STOP, AND CRAWLING FOR 2 MILES, MAKING MY 30-40 MINUTE COMMUTE 60MINUTES+?


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