Monday, April 18, 2011

Greetings, Mere mortals, First Blog

Hello friends and foes.
This is my new blog. I love to write, which you don't know, because it's a passion I don't address much. However, whilst I was in Australia I began writing, or keeping an electronic journal, towards the end of my trip, so I would remember more vividly the times that I have had there. My life has been a compilation of a girl whose passion is basically to live life to the fullest and embrace every opportunity, big or small, at every chance. Whether it be to volunteer, or move to Australia, or to visit Europe. I hope to one day travel the world, by myself, or with a significant other that also has a passion for traveling and adventure.
Some things you probably are not aware about me; I seldom drink, I love the sun, I love to sing, I love my family, I love to drive, I love to explore, I love to get down and dirty, I love getting my hands dirty, I love to learn new things, I do love to read, but don't really do it as often as I should. I've been in love, but I've been hurt too much to want to put myself through that again, which leads me to believe that I do not really want to find love again, but I know I most likely will again someday. Which scares me. I just want to find someone that will prove me wrong about my views on relationships. I want someone to show me they can resist temptation. I want someone to show me that they would choose me, and put me first in front of other girls. I want a guy that will make me feel like I'm the most beautiful girl int he world. I want someone who smothers me with love and affection without being 'too much'. I think that's a lot to ask for, but I'm not willing to settle. I am a really jealous person, and when I get jealous, my self-confidence takes the piss and leaves my mind and soul.
I really am a nice person and I would do anything for my friends and family. I would stop what I'm doing if you need my help. I am going to school for a Hospitality and Tourism Management degree, and I'm pretty happy. A goal I am working for is to be back in Australia in a year from now. PLEASE.
Every day, or every other day or so, when I think of a funny situation or story I will get on this thing and update you and hopefully you'll get a laugh, or enjoy the story, or emphasize with me if it's something more serious. Hope you enjoy! FELIZ NAVIDAD


  1. I never knew about this site, don't know how i came upon it.But i think your a beautiful person inside and out my love.It makes me so sad you want to leave in a year, as you are my baby and i don't want to lose you again...You are my heart and soul, my daily breath of fresh air,my heart breaks to know you want to leave back to Australia....i wish you could find happiness in your heart and with your family and stay.....I LOVE YOU MY SWEET SWEET DAUGHTER....always and forever, more than life, mom